#SXSW2015 Speakers on Social: The Design Sprint

Curious about how to run an effective design sprint?

SXSW Interactive speaker Drew Lewis (@DrewLewis) of Wunderman West joined John Maeda, Adelle CharlesSameer Patel and hundreds of others in tweeting about "The Design Sprint," a DIY guide made available by the team at Google Ventures.

Google Ventures will be publishing a book on running design sprints. In advance of that, they're making available a basic how-to guide that they describe as "an assortment of articles and other resources developed while working with startups over the past three years."

The GV design sprint process is broken out over five days with the goal of enabling a team "to build and test nearly any idea in just 40 hours":

  • Monday: "On the first day of the sprint, your team will 'unpack' everything they know."
  • Tuesday: "Your team will work individually to draw detailed solutions on paper."
  • Wednesday: "By Wednesday, you’ll have over a dozen solutions to choose from."
  • Thursday: "We show you our systematic plan for doing the impossible: build an entire realistic-looking prototype in just eight hours."
  • Friday: "On Friday, you’ll show your prototype to real customers in 1-on-1 interviews."

The how-to guide describes in more detail each step of the process and provides links to a selection of "greatest hits" articles on topics such as innovation and design thinking.

VIDEO: Participating in a Google Ventures Design Sprint

And while we're on the subject of Google Ventures' approach to design sprints, watch this video titled "What's So Great About Google Ventures' Design Sprint?" produced by 33voices. It features CustomMade CEO Mike Salguero describing his company's experience participating in a GV design sprint.

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