#CES2015 Speakers on Social: The Future of CES Belongs to Marketers

Curious about why the future of International CES belongs to marketers?

International CES speaker David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz) of MRY explains why in a new post published on adage.com titled "The Future of CES Belongs to Marketers" that was tweeted by Bitly, Michelle Killebrew, The Center for Digital Strategies at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and dozens of others:

Berkowitz argues that CES isn't as much about showcasing new technology as it is about companies sharing their thinking on how consumers will want to spend their time. Given that, marketers should have a greater role at CES because...

"Marketers understand time. In the age of radio and TV, it's what they bought, and marketers are all the more obsessed with understanding how people spend time across various media... Whatever marketers are buying, the electronics are often the gateway to the consumer, and there's one show that celebrates that."

And while we're on the subject...

For a good overview of how a leading consumer electronics brand approaches marketing, check out this video from Videonomics Santa Barbara Summit 2014 titled "Smart TVs and Smarter Marketing" featuring Lily Knowles, VP of Product Marketing at Vizio:

WYSKR at International CES

January 6-9, 2015

January 6-9, 2015

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