#SXSW2015 Speakers on Social: Why Fragile Cities Hold the Key to Stability and Development

Curious why fragile cities hold the key to stability and development?

SXSW Interactive speaker Tara Hirebet (@Tarahirebet) of Contagious joined Colleen LaFontaineJeremy FarrarDouglas Ragan and a host of others in tweeting about a recent article in The Guardian titled "Why Fragile Cities Hold the Key to Stability and Development." 

The article discusses a new paper published in Foreign Affairs by megacities expert Dr. Robert Muggah

Muggah writes that 90 percent of world's future population growth will occur in cities in the developing world, and right now many of these cities are fragile and drifting toward a state of anarchy. 

Muggah argues that it will be mayors - and not state or national authorities - who will have the most impact on whether this trend continues or is reversed.

One of the best ways to support mayors of fragile cities is to help them learn from other cities that have successfully addressed similar challenges.

Muggah urges that cities around the world pool their knowledge on what strategies work and don't work in order to help guarantee the success of the megacities of the future.

VIDEO: Robert Muggah on protecting fast-growing cities

And while we're on the subject of protecting the megacities of the future, watch this Ted Talk by Robert Muggah titled "How to protect fast-growing cities from failing."

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