#SXSW2015 Speakers on Social: How Big Data can Provide Fresh Insights into Sensitive Topics

Curious about how big data can provide fresh insights into sensitive topics? 

SXSW Interactive speaker Shawn DuBravac (@shawndubravac) of the Consumer Electronics Association joined Harini Calamur, Grant WigginsPatricia Richardson and many hundreds of others in tweeting about a recent article in the New York Times by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz titled "Searching for Sex."

Formerly a data scientist at Google, Stephens-Davidowitz analyzed Google's data related to searches about sex, and then compared that data to data from another respected source: the General Social Survey.

The Google data, he found, suggested that people were having sex less frequently than they were reporting in the GSS. Moreover, the Google data seemed to indicate that, in fact, people were frustrated by how infrequently they were having sex.

Stephens-Davidowitz ascribes this frustration to the kinds of anxieties and insecurities that were reflected in searches conducted by users on topics like body image and sexual performance. 

Stephens-Davidowitz writes, however, that these anxieties and insecurities might be misplaced because the search data also suggests many "partners reveal themselves to be fairly nonsuperficial and forgiving.

VIDEO: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz on Using Google Trends Data

And while we're on the subject of using search data for research, don't miss this talk by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz titled "Insights with New Data: Using Google Search Data" presented as part of Stanford University's Colloquium on Computer Systems Seminar Series.

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