#SXSW2015 Speakers on Social: The No. 1 Predictor of Career Success According to Network Science

Curious about what's the #1 predictor of career success according to network science?

SXSW Interactive speaker Sinan Aral (@sinanaral) of the MIT Sloan School of Management joined Don TapscottLinda ScottMichela Stribling and many hundreds of others in tweeting about a recent post by Michael Simmons on the Forbes website titled "The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science."

In the post, Simmons discusses the work of network scientist Ron Burt, who's research suggests that career success depends in large part on one variable: being in an open network

In a closed network, an individual spends most of his time with like-minded people.  The most successful people, Burt discovered, spend most of their time in networks where they are exposed to people with a variety of backgrounds and points of view.

While cultivating an open network is more challenging, Simmons writes that some of the significant benefits include:

  • A more accurate view of the world
  • The ability to control the timing of information sharing
  • The ability to serve as a translator / connector between groups
  • More breakthrough ideas

VIDEO: Good Disagreement is Central to Progress

While we're on the subject of cultivating open networks, watch this Ted Talk by international businesswoman Margaret Heffernan titled "Dare to Disagree."

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