#SXSW2015 Speakers on Social: 10 Mind-Changing Insights on Building Things that Matter

Curious about how to build products and services that matter?

SXSW Interactive Speaker Christine Lemke (@clemke) of The Activity Exchange joined Craig Brown, Ph.D.500StartupsMarc Andreessen and hundreds of others in tweeting about a new article on Medium by Brendan Baker of Greylock Partners titled "10 Things that changed how I thought about building things that matter".

Brendan Baker knows the startup/VC world inside out, so when something changes his thinking, it's worth noting.  

His "10 Things" are listed below under the 5 headings he included in his article. You'll want to check out the article for his thoughts on why these resources are so significant.

Hope and Opportunity


Shaping Our Surroundings

Tactical Advice

Keeping Perspective

VIDEO: Christine Lemke on How to Start a Healthcare Company that Matters

While we're on the subject of building things that matter, don't miss this Women 2.0 video of Christine Lemke talking about her experiences as a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare space:

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