#CES2015 Speakers on Social: Why Make Immigration Easier for Great Programmers

Curious about why the US should make immigration easier for great programmers? 

International CES Speaker Seth Rogin (@thesethrogin) of Mashable joined venture investors like Dave Morin, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Dave McClure as well as hundreds of others in tweeting about a column by Y Combinator cofounder Paul Graham titled "Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In":

In his column, Paul Graham argues that the US should move forward with more urgency on immigration policy in order to strengthen its position as a global hub for top programmers because... 

"The world market in programmers seems to be becoming dramatically more liquid. And since good people like good colleagues, that means the best programmers could collect in just a few hubs. Maybe mostly in one hub."

Graham's concern is that while the US currently enjoys a competitive advantage in terms of programming talent, unless immigration issues are addressed there's no guarantee that will continue.

And while we're on the subject...

For more on the immigration challenges currently being faced by start-ups in the US, watch the presentation below titled "Immigration Hacking: Solving the Immigration Puzzle for Foreign-born Entrepreneurs" by immigration attorney Sweta Khandelwal and sponsored by the Igniters, a meet-up group of Stanford entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley founders:

WYSKR at International CES

January 6-9, 2015

January 6-9, 2015

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