#CES2015 Speakers on Social: Outrage and Empathy on Social Media

Curious about how a blogger who stoked outrage about an offensive tweet came to empathize with the tweet's author? 

Three International CES speakers - Andrew Wallenstein (@awallensteinof VarietyAdam Orth (@adam_orth) of Three One Zero and Joanna Stern (@JoannaStern) of The Wall Street Journal - joined hundreds of others including Kara Swisher, Anil Dash, Nick Bilton and Henry Blodget in tweeting about Sam Biddle's new post on Gawker titled "Justine Sacco Is Good at Her Job, and How I Came To Peace With Her":

In the post, which received a mixed reaction on Twitter, Biddle recounts a dinner he had with Justine Sacco, a public relations professional who authored a widely publicized and criticized tweet in December 2013.

Biddle was instrumental in initially publicizing the tweet. Six months after the resulting firestorm on Twitter, Sacco sought him out to have drinks and talk about the experience.

In his post, Biddle writes that after getting to know Sacco and hearing her account of the circumstances surrounding the tweet, he felt empathy for her and regretted his part in drawing attention to the tweet. He also reflects on why outrage is such a powerful force on social media.

And while we're on the subject...

For some recent insights into the power and importance of empathy, watch this recent "Talks at Google" video featuring Roman Krznaric, author of the new book "Empathy Why It Matters & How to Get It":

WYSKR at International CES

January 6-9, 2015

January 6-9, 2015

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