WYSKR Encourages Questioning

WYSKR's goal is to be a platform that not only connects users to the ideas they care about, but that also motivates and enables them to ask questions about these ideas.

Why? Because WYSKR believes in the power of curiosity, and the single best way for people to cultivate their curiosity and put it into action is by asking questions.

WYSKR's focus on asking questions has been inspired by the ideas of people like Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe, Dan Rothstein & Luz Santana, Hal Gregersen and Michael Stevens:

Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe
Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe are the creators of the widely-recognized Understanding by Design framework for curriculum design. UbD incorporates the concept of "essential questions." 

Dan Rothstein & Luz Santana
Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana are the founders of the Right Question Institute and authors of the book Make Just One Change, which argues that formulating one's own questions is the single most essential skill for learning. 

Hal Gregersen
Hal Gregersen is a professor of innovation & leadership at INSEAD, executive director of the MIT Sloan Leadership Center, coauthor of the book The Innovator’s DNA, and founder of the 4-24 project. He is author of the HBR.org blog post "Use Catalytic Questioning to Solve Significant Problems", and in the TEDx video above he discusses the importance of asking questions.

Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens is the creator of the award-winning Vsauce collection of channels on YouTube, which together have over 13 million subscribers.   Each episode focuses on a big, interesting question like "what if the earth stopped spinning?" In the TEDx video above, Stevens talks about why we ask questions and what makes Vsauce programming so compelling.

-Vernon Marchal 
President, WYSKR Inc.