Hi, I'm Vernon Marchal, founder and president of WYSKR Inc. Thanks for visiting our site.

WYSKR is a start-up developing a new engagement platform designed to capture more value from digital content. On our homepage you can get an early look at the platform and learn more about what we're doing.

A bit about me: I've worked in digital media for about 20 years - the past 6 1/2 with Harvard Business Review. I started my career as a public defender in Manhattan (a tale for another time). You can check out more of my background on LinkedIn.  I also tweet at @VernonMarchal.

How did WYSKR get where it is today? Below is the story in three micro-chapters, which I'll be fleshing out in our blog.

In each chapter, I'm giving a shout out to some of the people who played a particularly valuable role (a WYSKR "MVP"). I'm also highlighting a book or video that was especially instructive at the time.

Chapter 1: The "Aha" Moment

In the spring of 2013, the idea for WYSKR got its start as a final project in the "Instructional Design Studio" class at the Harvard Extension School. 

MVPs: Stacie Cassat Green, Denise Snyder & Emily Grandstaff-Rice

Book: Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirkson

Chapter 2: Design Chops

In the summer of 2013, WYSKR's initial front-end design was crafted in collaboration with the UX/UI agency Fresh Tilled Soil and with back-end guidance from Extension Engine.

MVPs: Richard Banfield, Alex Fedorov & Furqan Nazeeri

Video: Hooked: The Psychology of How Products Engage Us by Nir Eyal

Chapter 3: Strictly Business

In the summer of 2014, WYSKR's strategy and business model were refined at the MIT Enterprise Forum Start Smart class

MVPs: Pete McDonald & All the presenters

Book: Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet

Chapter 4...

We're writing it! We hope you follow our story via our blog and email updates, and, who knows, perhaps even become a part of it.

What You Should Know Regarding WYSKR

  • We're passionate about capturing more value from digital content.
  • WYSKR's mantra is "be curious."
  • We believe people are most engaged - and at their best - when they're being curious. 
  • WYSKR's strategic first principle is: engagement = "being in the moment."
  • WYSKR's mission is to maximize the value of these moments.